Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Amusing college fun

Sometimes I need a break from my body. The epidural worked pretty well, it was just a one-time-injection where they pulled the catheter out right away. Next time will be an infusion. I had two really good days, and today hasn't been the best, but I've felt so much worse I can't really complain. Still having pain come back is always frustrating, especially when you remember, for a moment, what it's like not to live in pain.

Then, my stomach got upset, I suspect partially because I didn't eat until late late afternoon on Thursday, and partially because it's never nice. So, I've been frustrated with my body, I have to admit.

But the good things, we know that an epidural does help for a little bit. It didn't hurt at all, infact the IV site is actually more painful than the injection site is, but the IV site bruised, so maybe it's not a fair comparison? I don't know if the epidural site bruised, because it's not in a location I'm willing to demo, given that it's about where the belt would rest if I wore one. So next time, we know I can tolerate an infusion, though weakness is something I'll have to watch out for, considering the first time I tried to walk, I would've fallen if the nurse in recovery hadn't grabbed me. Oh, and everyone loved my RSD sucks shirt, so that was a positive thing. have to know they're amazing.

Okay, the funny part of this entry: If you watch a video of Jeff Foxworthy on YouTube, and you're the only one laughing of all your friends, you might be a red neck. Not like I speak from experience or anything.

Tags: humor, just plain life, rsd sucks

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