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The rest of yesterday

My cold worsened to the point where I was dizzy and my head felt like it was going to explode. We went to Won and Cathy's, and I ate a little. I wish I'd eaten more, the food was good, but I couldn't. Helena, Jean and myself fell asleep on the couch and mom and dad went to see Lucy and Andrei. When they returned, we went home.
I've been busily reading. The recipes in my cookbook look really good, and maybe I'll have mom take me shopping so I can buy some needed groceries and make lunch for myself next week. The burgers and sandwiches and snacks look great, and I'd love to make some of the other stuff.
I'm learning so much from the book Touch The Stars. It's definitely geared to younger kids, but the diagrams are great, and I feel like I've finally learned what I must have missed in fourth grade.
Well, I'm off to maybe eat and take some medicine.

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