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A merry Merry Christmas... And a happy New Year! Let's hope it's a good one... With out any fear

Yes, it's Christmas. My favorite time of year. This entry will get mushy, spiritual and everything in between, so be warned if you don't feel comfortable with that.
This year was really weird. I didn't really prepare for it like usual. I was so focused on the interview with GDB, I didn't do the usual stuff I always do. The YPA Christmas show was different this year... Way different, and I k new fewer people. For some reason I felt sadder... Less joyful this December. But less joyful is a missnomer. I think I've finally discovered true joy. I'm not perfect yet. Not by a long shot, but I've found friends who care, I'm starting to lean on God more, I feel somewhat less materialistic, I'm okay with not being perfect but hoping to get better. This year has been such a change for me. Over the next week, I'll reflect on it in my journal, the good, the bad and the embarrassing. But I've truly learned that I don't have to listen to the negative voices. I sometimes slip up, but I'm learning.
Anyway, Christmas. The time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. I realize how grateful iI am for his bearth. Where would I be? If not for him, my blindness would be viewed as my fault. My imperfect self would be worth nothing.
As for the last day, last night, we went to Erica and Christophe's, and they had family from France. It was kind of a French Christmas, and although I have studied how the French celebrate Christmas, I didn't remember any of it until it happened. It's not that different. It was, however, totally different from our usual family stuff. After dessert (which was a Buche De Noel or yule log cake) we played Cranium. I did well at getting my team to guess clues.
We came home and I colapsed into bed. I've got a bit of a cold, and I'm hoping that it'll clear up soon.
Today was our usual Christmas morning. I woke up first, but we didn't open up presents until nine or ten. Everyone seemed to like what I got them which made me very happy. I got some really cool stuff too.

  • A tirquoise bathrobe made of polar fleece

  • Dark blue pajamas made from Micro fleece

  • A pj shirt that has check boxes for nauty and nice and nauty is checked off

  • A box of chocolate

  • A sprite from Rainbow Bright

  • A shirt that's pink and kind of polar fleece

  • A bunch of braille books: George Foreman Cookbook, Touch the stars (a book about astronomy with braille diagrams), A Tipping Guide, Winnie the Pooh Calendar, and a subscription to Syndicated Columnists Weekly.

  • a corduroy hat that's a rust color

  • A knitted hat that's blue

And apparently there's something coming that I don't know about.
We exchanged gifts at Erica and Christophe's last night too. I have gloves and a scarf to replace what Baxter stole out of my pocket, the Go Fish CD Infecious, star shaped earings and a pendant. I look at how much I recieved this Christmas, and I wonder if people will believe me when I say truthfully that the best gift is spending time with my family and the absolute most important and greatest gift is that baby born 2003 years ago.
Well, I'm gonna go.


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