Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Kid in a candy store

Wow... I know that we will still have bad days as a team, but today was cool. Julio is learning how to target my hand, and has finally decided that "come" is a good four letter word, not a bad one. As soon as I feel the nose on my hand, I click and treat. How cool is it to be looking for opportunities to praise and say "Yeah!!!! That's what I want!" instead of having to correct for sniffing, veering or run after the dog even though you're having an awful pain day.

And, as a bonus, I got to practice a physical therapy exercise (walking backward), while doing this. Julio thought it was a game.

Could clicker training be good for my RSD? Maybe there's more to animal therapy than even I thought. It's too bad
couldn't have used this example in her presentation during the holistic therapies course. I have a feeling clicker will be helpful at
next week. I'll shut up now, before I sound like an advertisement.

Tags: chronic pain, csun2007, guide dogs, health, holistic therapies, hope, physical therapy

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