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Clicker training: initial thoughts

is here, and we spent Friday night and Saturday at a positive training workshop for our guide dogs. We use the clicker, and it's definitely a different way of working. I mean, I still tell Julio "forward" "left" and "right", but there are more options to train him with. It is very cool to stuff, and a lot to absorb into my brain. I'll put it like this. Traditionally, I've had to try to use punishers (not necessarily painfully or anything, but not something the puppy likes) to tell him to stop doing something bad, but other than telling him "good boy", it was hard to mark a behavior as "good!". With the clicker, I can totally do that, and it's definitely cool..

I'm finding that Julio's enjoying this way of working. The clicker, and training treats helps him. I'm harnessing (punn not intended) the power of food to help him understand what's good. And so far, it's helping.

These are just my initial impressions. It will be interesting to see how things change.

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