Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

New blog layout

One of my best friends told me yesterday that I needed to do some stress relief. I told her I didn't have time. She told me to take a nap (dark circles around the eyes do that I guess), I told her that I didn't have time. I did have a nap, because I couldn't think, still slept awfully though.

So, I finished the paper that I was freaking out over. Now that it's done, what did I do? Stress relief, of course. I thank
for the idea. The blog is now all pretty and shiny. I did my best to choose a layout that was a bit easier to navigate if you're not comfortable with the blog (never been here before etc...). It's also one of the higher contrast themes I could find that seemed to fit me.

I wonder, is this what most people have in mind when they think stress relief? HTML as a way to self care, is it like
how Perl is a love language?
I say that in all sincerity. I believe that writing, or blogging, can really have many more purposes than we allow it to have.

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