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A big truck loada links

I'm putting this behind a cut, because I have no idea how long it's going to get, and I know that screen reader users prefer these put behind a cut. But I hope you'll check this out.

A cool way to use messenger to donate.
Just what I need; another excuse to procrastinate.

A cool conference on the experience of disability">
I'm glad to see social workers working in this area.

A counter to my touch defensiveness.

Learning to be assertive despite chronic illness.
I know I tend to be less of a self-advocate when I feel lousy.

Commentary on a statement from the American Heart Association
Just what we need; another organization adding to the guilt trips when a person needs medication to manage pain. Excuse the cynicism.

Information on accommodations for people with chronic pain
Since the internships start next year for me (social work students are required to do them), I'm glad to have this information.

Monday Missions
I should try these writing challenges.

Denise asks "Where's the Revolution"
She linked to my writeup on I haven't written about some of the new sites, simply because they are, sadly, protected by Captcha. It's one of those things I need to do; email and ask them to implement an accessible option. It's on my ever-growing to-do list.

A podcast on "solving the mystery of pain"

There's going to be a TV show based off of "The Anatomy of Hope"
That happens to be one of my favorite books.

Google Scholar is great from an "access to info" perspective.
Without Google Scholar, I probably would fail most research assignments.

Embracing our new existence
I can still be a babe.

Thank You, Body
This is a very beautiful piece.

Into the Dark
Since I don't get to church nearly as much as I'd like, I love it when Susan posts her excellent hhomilies. This one was wonderful.

Child-Safety Experts Call For Restrictions On Childhood Imagination
It's an Onion article, but it's scary how much it's almost true.

This describes a lot of how pain effects me

An article on the challenges of getting books for class.
I have great help at school, thankfully. I hope for a day when blindness means only a difference in how we read, not how hard it is to get what we need to read.

Are the high prices of textbooks a form of extortion of students?
I'll note that if you have to destroy the binding of a textbook to scan it, you can't even sell it back for a fraction of the cost. You're stuck with the book.

A story of how one woman found relief from her RSD
I like that she doesn't claim to have all of the answers. That automatically increases credibility for me.

That's all I have right now. There are some articles I could've sworn I book marked, but I can't find them now. So more may be coming.
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