Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Food distractions are fun

It's me, Julio. Man are food distractions fun. I love it when I can try to grab crumbs off the floor. It's especially fun when I make mom plant her bad foot to keep from doing a nose dive. It's like squeaking a toy... Mom makes the weirdest noises...

Mom says she's really frustrated, and afraid of people thinking she's a bad handler. But I like her lots. My tummy just gets the best of me. And she has a harder time correcting me when she's using her support cane. TeeHee...

We went to Brewberry's today, and there were people who kept saying how cute it was that I wanted crumbs on the floor. I like it when they tell Mom she's wrong.

We're still a good team most of the time. I just get distracted by my labradorable stomach. Mom gets mad, but when we get home, she still plays with me lots. I wiggle and play with my bones. Then when she's trying to do her relaxation exercises, I jump on the bed and land on her stomach. Then I pin her and give her gobs of kisses.

Well, I better go. Mom will get mad if I slobber all over her laptop. I guess it was a lot of money, so I should be nice. Here are some tail wags.

Tags: dining, guide dogs, julio blogs

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