Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Music as Medicine

There are lots of things that make me feel better. Music happens to be one of them. Right now, I'm into a lot of different music.

On the other side of eternity, I plan to thank Johnny Cash. Right now, "A Boy Named Sue" is making me laugh. And "Ring of Fire" is all too descriptive of RSD. But there are also songs that talk about life, for example "Man in Black". I am always encouraged by people who claim faith without going totally polyanna. And even more impressed when they have their struggles, but deal with them and help others.

And then there's
who's music is realistic about life and love, and so easy on the ears. I already got a chance to thank him. I'm also reading his auto biography Almost Like A Song which is available from BookShare if you've got a print disability.

Then there are my Christian music faves. Way way too numerous to mention. They help me find my perspective. In a situation like college where I have a hard time opening up about my own faith struggles, it's good to have music to help me along.

The classical stuff, like Chopin, Vevaldi, Handel and Mozart calm me, and are great for focussing on something other than pain.

I'm so grateful to have these tools of healing available to me. They help me get through the loneliness of not wanting to burden my friends with my frustrations, so staying in my room. They help me get through my physical therapy exercises which are incredibly hard right now because of pain. They provide pain relief according to some studies. And they are like good friends.

Tags: music and movies

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