Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

It beats a kick in the ovaries

Oh, my dear blog-reading friends... The day yesterday was, um, shall we say interesting? It started out with me waking up and knowing that it would be a bad pain day. Luckily, I had my RSD sucks shirt ready to go, so at least I could fight the frustration. No time for coffee, so I had to go with tea. Not bad considering the nausea, but not my favorite thing when I don't have to because I need my latte goodness.

Biology lab was cool. We got to take apart fake torsos that are rubbery/plastic and have the organs and major arteries. I learned that my conception of the human body was twisted at best and terribly mis-guided at worst. But I got lots of questions answered. Oh, and I now know where all my female organs are, which is exciting. Now, if I get threatened with a kick in the ovaries, I can at least protect myself. (If you don't go to a women's college, that may make no sense. Basically, instead of the male threats... Well, you get the picture.) After learning just what size our organs are, I can say with absolute certainty that I DO NOT WANT CHILDREN. Happily, though, the liver is larger than I expected. This is good, considering the meds I need to keep the pain down enough to function. I never drink, because as I told my doctor, mixing alcohol with certain meds is a much too drastic cure for RSD. (Sorry about the awful morbid humor.)

At lunch, I had my next "exciting" experience. I took a nose-dive into my latte. Mom had come down to help me get some pills, since my prescriptions all expired without me realizing they could do that even though there were still refils. That's another rant though. Anyway, being the loving mother that she is, she helped me get lunch from Noodles and coffee from my beloved Brewberry's. While getting out of the car, I found a patch of ice I wasn't aware of.

There are three basic types of falls. The first, graceful saves, rrarely happens to me. That's where the person gracefully shifts weight or moves in some magical way and there is not a scratch to show for the almost disaster. the second happens so fast that the person doesn't know what hit them. The third is slow and drawn out. Guess which one I experienced? It's the feeling of knowing that you're going to fall. every move pushes you closer and closer to being on the ground. You can't figure out how to fall gracefully. My knees hit with a thwock, my hands hit with a thud and my face bounced into my latte, which spilled out onto the ground. I was most concerned about the latte, though I'm told I have a green goose-egg on my leg.

To make a bad day harder, I found out yesterday that someone I knew passed away. This person had a great sense of humor, and I always enjoyed running into him at conferences and conventions.

Today was somewhat better, though I'm dealing with fall out from yesterday in the form of pain, exhaustion, emotional junk and such. I wish I had the power to turn yesterday's experience into beautiful writings or reflections with some good humor, but I don't.

Tomorrow holds getting stitches out and who knows what else?

Edit: You can read about my friend at
The Benetech website.
I can't seem to figure out how to link to the direct entry, but as of 2/14, it's on the front page.

Tags: biology of women, coffee, rants and snarkiness, rsd sucks

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