Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

OOH, investigation!

I finally actually have an excuse to research the stuff I'm interested in, namely, issues of disabilities and health for women. I'm not totally sure where we're going with it yet, but it will be a powerpoint, and I'm working with a good partner.

I've done searches for info using some basic keywords, but searches can only do so much. So, here's my request: What books, articles, blog posts etc... have shaped your thoughts on how healthcare and disability interface? What health issues do you think are most important for women with disabilities? Have you had any experiences that have shaped your thought on these issues?

I'm looking for the personal opinions here. I can run google and academic database searches. I can talk to librarians. I can go on my own personal experiences. But I can't get inside the heads of others. If you don't consider yourself a person with a disability, what questions would you ask?

This is for my biology of women class. I'm also considering stuff like this for my senior honors project, though it's far away. Thanks for any help you wish to provide. Dialogue is good!

Tags: biology of women, disability related

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