Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Getting ready...

I got a call yesterday that my surgery had been moved up. Instead of 10:30, it's at 9:45. This means I had to get up earlier than expected to get my permitted clear liquids.

The bath tub had a piece of paper on the door of the stall. This usually signifies "out of order". I took a shower instead, but stood on my shower shoes. RSD foot doesn't like them right now, apparently. It's not a big issue, since I could sit to take the shower.

In a few minutes I will have to do the dance of getting a walker, cane, dog and human down the hall as quietly as possible, and, then into the elevator.

Who knows what's next. I've been doing as many relaxation exercises. I know that the more relaxed I am, the less medicine I'll need. Relaxation will aid in wound healing.

One last note, last night wasn't so fun. No LidoDerm before surgery, since I know they're going to do an ankle block. I don't want to O.D. on Lidocaine.

Julio's been great. He's being extra silly to compensate for my nervousness.

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