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I just love how I have lots of stuff to write, butt can't come up with the right titles for the post. Then, I have issues writing. That said, yesterday's pre-surgery physical was interesting.

I found out that I'm two inches taller than I thought, and thus not over weight. It's hard to have a good self-concept of one's own body when one has no idea what to compare oneself to. So, I just run a BMI calculation online. Not perfect, I know, but most of the people I know here aren't going to tell me that I look like a porker. I'm excited that I am taller, but now have to admit that some people are right about that. I don't know who I've told that "I did not grow", but I appologize about that. Also, it must not be true that coffee stunts your growth.

Everything is fine, which is nice. I had to have a couple blood tests, one was for hemoglobin (sp?) which was good. The other was creattinin (sp/). The last one is not going to be in for another couple weeks probably, but was just a precaussion since I am on Celebrex. The veins in my right arm are apparently hard to find, so I ended up having it taken out of my right wrist. It didn't hurt, although I was warned it might be tender. It really was just a little bit of pressure. I did wonder something, though. They needed two tubes of blood, but only stuck me once. I get that they can attatch tubes to the needle, but how does that all work? I really wish I could see what that is and how it works...

My doctor liked my "RSD sucks" shirt, which I was glad about. And Julio did great; he was very well behaved in the exam room.

One last random question. Does anyone know if it's true that having injections and bloodwork done from the side of your body the RSD isn't on is what you're supposed to do? I seem to remember reading that it's better to try to prevent the spread of RSD. I don't know where, but I do remember reading it, or hearing it.

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