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Developing a health plan on line: Thoughts on

As part of the course I'm taking on holistic health, we had to work with a health planner software, which is online. Since anyone can use that site, I thought I'd share the site, and some thoughts about it.

The site is
The New Medicine
and it's related to a PbBS show series of the same name. It had a health timeline, so you can see how and when various modalities were invented, and it has information on various conditions and treatments. The heart of the site is a health assessment tool and planner that helps you assess your health habits and create goals.

One of the main reasons I'm even reviewing this site is that it is accessible and usable by people who use screen readers. I've bemoaned the lack of information available to people who want to take better care of themselves and who happen to have a visual or other reading disability. This is one source of information and guidance. We actually have access to a personal health assessment tool. we can honestly answer questions and know that we're the only ones reading our answers.

The questions aren't the kind of thing you'd answer in the doctor's office necessarily. They're yes/no questions and somewhat non-specific. You're not going to get a diagnosis from these, but you'll be able to at least look at your habits. It is easy to rig the assessment, but again, no one but you knows, so why rig it?

After you answer about ten questions, you get to look at your good and not -so-good habits and create a goal. The goal could be something like eating more of a certain food group or finding a new church. Then, you create an action step and assess your readiness to change. Finally, you decide when to check in with yourself, and who you'll tell about the goal and action step.

I wish the site could be a little more personal, and give more feedback. I'd love to have a better chance to assess things relating to health conditions. I can assess the basics with these questions, but nothing specific to pain.

I can't say enough, though, how much I like that the site puts the control squqarely in the hands of the consumer. It's free, and accessible, and gives people with a visual impairment access to something to assess their health habits. I don't think there are enough of those sites out there. Finally, we have a good, accessible , easy to use option.

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