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Six word stories

I've been tagged!
First, go look at the stories in the linked post, because they're great! What you do is write a six word story. Here's a list of a few that come to mind. Longtime readers may or may not remember these.

  1. Fought stairs, stairs won, need x-ray.
  2. Saw car, jumped on, so Julio!
  3. Took test, got lost evil A.P.
  4. Ginger Ale, lavender, Milk Shake, yum!
  5. Ate Panera, pet the dog, screamed.
  6. "Do your business" (Hole in baggy.)
  7. Printer empty, shredded paper, "Julio no!"
  8. Bible dictionary? Academic? Where's a reader?
  9. Duck?!! Squirrel?!! Duck?!! Another puppy?!! Yippie!
  10. On the plane, sit where? Delays...
  11. Graduation, sandals, speeches. A great night!
  12. Mystery locations: Over there, that way.
  13. Good friends, good coffee, love Seattle!

That's all I can think of right now. So, here are the tags:

I'm nevver sure who wants to be tagged with these, and who doesn't. So, if you didn't want to, and were, then ignore me (smile). If you want to and weren't, consider yourself tagged! This is a really fun meme to do!

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