Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Writer's block

I'm sitting here, at Brewberry's, drinking coffee, writing, and realizing that I really can't think clearly enough to write about anything more macro than the stuff going on in my head. I'm feeling the stress of the increase in pain I knew would come. I am sometimes so tired from it, and yet I cannot rest. The whatifs have been strong lately, and that's been frustrating to deal with.

I wonder how long I can stall on making any more decisions. I don't know whether there's more information i needd, or if I'm just feeling the stress because I feel boxed in. I am glad that two doctors from my pain clinic were considered part of the top six pain doctors in my metro area. It really doesn't surprise me at all. And that's incredibly comforting to k now that in that respect, my instinct to trust them is correct. But I still don't know what the right option for the RSD is.

I've been feeling that stress for a while now, but didn't know how to deal with writing it. I think honesty here is the best policy.

I go back on Friday, and am making a list of questions to ask. How do I decide?

Maybe, I'll write some private poetry, just to stretch my writing ability, and get out of this creative rut. It seems I don't journal as much as I should, even when I know that's the one material thing to help me. That and friends (smile)./p>


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