Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Raising Cane

Today I got the brilliant idea to attempt the Kodiak route without using a cane for support. (The Kodiak route is a route in my hometown to a coffee shop. It was the route I used on my home interview/evaluation before I was accepted to receive Julio. It's also the only route I'm currently able to access without putting my life in danger in this town). About halfway through, I decided that I'm still not ready to get rid of the cane. Luckily, I'd anticipated that as a possibility, and Mom was right behind me with the cane.

From a mobility standpoint, the route went well. I've hardly worked it at all in recent memory, and I'm pretty proud of the puppy and I for how we did. It would help if I didn't need the cane, since Julio and I are having some issues with control. It seems he knows I don't have a hand free to correct him, and is taking advantage of it. I may need to call my Guide Dogs Field Manager and ask her about this. Definitely an area where blindness and pain intersect.

Tags: chronic pain, guide dogs
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