Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Another surgery.

This one won't be so drastic as the last one. Today is exactly seven months out from my surgery, and I had a doctor's appointment to re-check my foot. She asked about my symptoms and I told her that my foot is more stable. She picked up on my pain, and immediately located a very sore spot. She says the screws they used when fusing my joint (the one about halfway between the toes and the ankle), are causing me pain. The bone is perfectly healed, and the screws can come out. Some patients keep them in, but since they're causing pain, we think it's better to get them out.

I know, as with the other surgery, that the RSD could be an issue. This surgery is done awake, under an ankle block, and with x-ray guidance. I'll be able to walk out of the hospital that same day (although knowing the liability junk, I don't know if I'll walk or get pushed). It looks like I'll wait until February, since my holistic health J-Term course meets every day.

I know I was adiment that I'd never have surgery, but I do see what she's talking about. Recently, when I'd get a really good pain stretch, where I'd be at a 3 or 4 when I woke up, I'd notice that just before the flare, I'd see an increase of pain near the screws. Maybe this will help take away at least one of the RSD triggers. I would really really love to feel better if I can.

I'm very excited that I'll be awake for the surgery. That means no barfing my guts out for a day or two. Seriously, an ankle block seems like a minor thing to me right now. As I've always said, let me listen to a book, or talk to me about something else and I'm fine. And now that I know some relaxation techniques, I'll be able to use them to help the healing process and my own coping mechanism.

Remembering this last summer should make this little bump in the road easy. I know that God has given me the tools to handle this, and will provide those I don't have yet.

The decision I sstill have to make is whether to stay at school after the procedure. That would get me ambulating faster, and I'd have the ability to take care of myself more easily in the sense of handling my own sleep/eating schedule. But I'd have to ask friends if they'd mind helping some with certain tasks, such as taking out the dog. And because of the stitches, I won't be able to wear LidoDerm for a while after that.

Just thinking aloud here. But I am not too worried... yet. I'm just so relieved I won't need general. General anesthesia and Neurontin are on the same preference plain right now... NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!!

Tags: college, faith, health, prayer, relaxation, rsd sucks, surgery, tool box

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