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Thoughts on Intro to Social Work

Although I was excited and nervous to start all of my courses this semester, I was especially excited about my Intro to Social Work class. If one is going to have a career in a specific area, it's rather important to start on the right foot (punn not intended). I know i'm not going to agree with everything my professor says, but what I have to know is if I can agree with the major values and theories in social work, or expect to grow into them. If I can't, it's important to find a different major.

Luckily, I loved everything about social work. I enjoy the knowledge and skills and the idea that I can work with all sorts of people in all sorts of environments to do all sorts of things. I feel like there is so much I don't know, which is okay, since I've only taken one class. But already, I feel myself locking into the language used, and learning to ask the right questions. I love that we're never done learning, and that that's okay and expected in social work.

My experiences are respected in this major. I probably won't self disclose most of them to most of my clients, but who knows. Either way, I'm excited to continue.

It's hard to write a reflective post when I'm listening to a friend on the radio, so I'll stop writing for now. But I'm glad everything worked out!

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