Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

stressed out!

As I'm starting this entry, it's 4:15 AM. I'm still tired, but that's okay. I'm pretty stressed, injection plus readying oneself for a home interview equAls more stress than I thought I could handle. At least the injection will be over today. Hopefully it helps. The temperature outside has gone up back to about 25, so I'm not in as much pain. That's 25 in the American form. Or 25 degrees f. That's helped emensly!
I was finally able to walk the full new and improved route. People who don't clear 3 foot snowbanks are just mean! I'm not feeling very certain of my abilities just now, so if God wants me to have a Guide Dog, He's got to help me! Dad's officially ticked about the snowbanks, and is trying to do something about them.
Friday night and Saturday were good, but I'm not in a good enough mood to talk any more. Going back to laying lethargically in the bed.
Current mood: Sore, tired, stressed
Current music: Sean Groves Renown
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