Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Year In Review

What you're supposed to do is take the firsst line (I just went with sentence), from the first entry of each month. When the subject was part of the first sentence, I copied both of them.

January: It's time to take back my identity But the identity isn't really mine.

February: I did some remodeling of my journal. Now it looks more like one of the wordpress or similar blogs. I kind of like it.

March: I guess I don't need sleep any more.

April: The Firefox presentation was extremely interesting.

May: I'm extremely happy to report that instead of using pdf for the cafeteria menu, my school used excel this week.

June: I've had a few people ask how the recovery is going, so I thought i'd write an entry at the two week mark.

July: I don't necessarily believe that all blog entries need to prove something.

August: Since writing about this vacation will take a while, I decided that I'd break it into chunks, both to give you all a chance to rest you eyes (instead of
reading a mega-essay), and me a chance to enjoy the vacation and rest my fingers.

September: I'm not dead or anything morbid like that, just busy trying to figure out what i need for college since I can't steal my sister's junk.

October: Most of the time, prayers that get written down in this journal are made as private entries.

November: I won't kid you, today was not one of my better/more graceful days.

December: I can't believe it's December already!

I'm not sure what this says about my writing, or my year. It does show that I have a different writing voice than other people, but I no longer think of it as a bad writing voice, as I used to. It's different, it's me, and it's developing. As for my year, it's not over. I'll write the tmega-review later. I just thought this might be a different way to look at things. I don't usually copy memes/quizs/whatevers from others. I prefer to make this journal into more of my own original work. But it's fun to go back and view my work through a different lense.

Tags: just plain life, personal entries

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