Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Further along in relaxation class

Among the top five techniques that don't work (including imagining ducks on a pond), is the technique of imagining the painful part of the body in ice water when that painful part is aflicted with RSD. This is because ice is one of the most painful stimuli, at least for me.

As for why the ducks on a pond thing doesn't work for me, there are two reasons. One, is that I can't see a duck on a pond. I'm better off imagining an ocean, which I can hear. The second is purely psychological in the sense that I associate that with injury. The second to the last week in training, Julio, our classmates/dogs and I went for a walk around a pond in a park, with lots of ducks for distractions. Julio got a bit excited, and let's just say I ended up with a scraped up knee, and almost passed out the next morning because of the evilness of Backteen (spelling is wrong I'm sure), and an empty stomach. These experiences are right up there with desensitization techniques I've tried in the past (desensitization for the foot that is).

Just thought I'd share...

Tags: rants and snarkiness, relaxation

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