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My body/brain has decided to go on strike,, so I got very little done last night. This seems to be nothing new, though. So, in no particular order, here are a few notes about stuff I want to talk about in greater depth, but probably won't get to have time to do so.

First, thanks go to Anndrea, who observed Disabled Persons Day. I'm honored that she chose to include my blog! Also, in
This engaging entry
Andrea just summarized the last week of my philosophy class. Which is probably a good thing, because the current movie we're watching is extremely visual, so I need more help comprehending this stuff than usual.

I'm extremely happy that I got a chance to get into the Holistic Health course offered over J-Term. Seems like a good course for a future medical social worker, and it gets me out of the house sooner. I love my family and friends, but living in an area where you can't get anywhere without a car is not fun. This will shorten my break, but it may be a good thing.

I kind of got called out yesterday. I made the mistake of preceeding my comment in class with "This might be insignificant but..." Unfortunately, it wasn't insignificant. It's nice to know that it was otherwise a good comment though. The thing is, I feel very much like I'm in ninth grade advanced science, and wondering why I'm in the advanced class.

Today, if nothing goes wrong, I will finally be giving my presentation on pain management and relaxation. This should be interesting, to put it mildly.

Lastly, I'm finding this time of year to be interesting in the sense that now that I've had more theology background, I'm sitting here analyzing Christmas Music. It's fun to go "OOH, that's where that perspective came from..." In short, I continue to prove my geekness when it comes to using what I learned in school. It's funny because people are always asking if I'm done with my "Generals" yet and telling me how nice that will be when I'm done. The thing is, I like most generals, except I'm dreading math. I love learning different perspectives, although taking philosophy at the same time as theology is somewhat confusing. Especially when you get to Sarte, who says there is no God, and then go to theology and read the Bible with the premise that "God is sovereign."

With that, I need to get ready for the day.


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