Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

A great concert

Last night's concert by
Peder Eide
was very very good. We saw some friends there too, which was a plus.

,p>It definitely helped me to have something fun to do. Right now, the stress of the semester and the realization that I probably need a nerve block (which I DON'T have time for right now), and the pain are all conspiring to make me crazy. And getting a C on my philosophy test didn't help. At least my balance has improved enough that I can sufficiently kick myself should I choose to do that. I don't like getting C's...</p>

Last night was a chance to forget that and focus on Jesus, the reason for all of the pretty Christmas music. And it is always a treat to see Peder, who even remembers me.

In other news, it's Saturday, so that means I need to go to Brewberry's, to practice street crossings and get Julio off campus for a route. That is very fun stuff.

Tags: just plain life, music and movies
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