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Jesus meets DesCartes

Today's Holy Writ Rewrit class found us discussing several Messianic texts. This was one of the harder classes for me, simply because it was one of those times when the professor tells you that every thing you hold near and dear could be wrong. Then, of course, the professor puts it all back together, but in a new light.

Our professor pointed out that Isaiah probably wasn't talking about Jesus. I started thinking thoughts of "haracy!", but she had a point. She explained that the historical context shows that Isaiah's prophecy actually also came true with the birth of Hesakiah.

Gospel writers, instead, may have been demonstrating Jesus as Messiah (anointed one, or King). It's very interesting to think of things this way, though also reassuring. God is merciful magain and again. And, Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of the prophecies.

She also pointed out that the prophets couldn't have specifically written, or spoken of Jesus, because (in the case of Isaiah), they were writing hundreds of years before Jesus' birth. That doesn't make things any less true, it just changes how we view texts.

Then, we got to listen to Handel's Messiah. I started loving that whole piece last year in "The Art of Listening", and I'm still in love with it. Again, that's Handel using Messianic texts to demonstrate Jesus as the ultimate fulfillment. But it's absolutely beautiful music. I was trying not to sing along, and I did succeed. That was a very nice way to end the class.

I found myself in a meditative state, focussing on the music. I thought about texture, rhythm, melody/harmony and everything. I was very happy.

The reference to DesCartes is that DesCartes, the philosopher took things apart, and put them back together again.

Speaking of things getting put back together again, it sounds like BlogLines has fixed things now, so my feed should be updating there again.


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Nov. 29th, 2006 06:41 am (UTC)
It was absolutely amazing! It reminded me of the one time we had Bible study during the summer/school year on Revelation.
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