Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Don't make me turn this RSS feed around!

I just love fighting with thechnology. I also love it when it appears I've had a feed problem for the last week or so, and didn't even notice until yesterday. It seems my feedBurner feed isn't updating in my Bloglines account. I can't tell if it's just me, or if it's wider than that. So, I messed around with a few settings, and I'm writing this post to see if my feed will ping Bloglines and everyone will be happy.

If you read this some other way than on your friends page, or by visiting my journal, especially in Bloglines, I'd be curious to find out that you saw it. Hopefully everyone will get along after this, but until then, I feel a little bit like a parent, trying to get all the kids (technology) to play nicely together.

More later as I have it!

Tags: blogs, rants and snarkiness, technology related

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