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This just isn't my life, or maybe it is

I don't know what to say, accept that what the heck is up with my life, and what am I gonna do??
Okay, yesterday turned out good. The thing at VLR rocked!! I now know how to bake chocolate chip cookies, now all I have to do is get our kitchen accessible.
I'll skip the mellodrauma of today's school. The good thing is that we're doing a two page spread about morality for journalism. It's a partner thing.
My story for Creative Writing is long, but I think it'll be good.
Now to what happened today on my lesson.
My cane that I got maybe two months ago broke. I'm so ticked. I had to rely on Diane to finish the lesson. That makes me feel so bad. I slipped, minorly twisted my left ankle possibly, and somehow my cane broke at the same time. Between my ankle and my foot (which has gotten worse with the sudden cold), I'm just beautiful!
But I can have a good day, and I'll do it. One thing though, I don't know how I'm ever gonna do well on the home interview now. Hopefully I'll get a good cane tomorrow to use from Diane. Otherwise, I need to find a cheaper kind. I think there's that store down near ssb. I'll have to send someone down there.
Well, I'm off to find something that resembles pain killers maybe.
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