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When I hear the same message, tat is healthy and balanced more than once in a day, I usually know it's God trying to tell me something, and it's about time for me to listen. Yesterday, I got the message "It's not normal to have a pain level of 8 on the pain scale... Self-care is important... Your assignment for the weekend is to RELAX. Do four relaxation sessions and journal them in your relaxation journals..." Well, you get the picture. One of the more eloquent entries I read yesterday had a similar effect.
Check out Susan's great post "Walking the Dog".

I realized that i've been struggling with balance. I've been doing "all of the right things" in all of the wrong quantities, at all of the wrong times, and for some of the wrong reasons. Philosophy hasn't been helpful; we're talking about Cammu and Sartre. I probably butchered their names, so sorry about that. That's not stuff that helps one feel better about things, now, is it?

So, my goal over the next few days is to spend some time taking care of myself, writing for enjoyment, reading for enjoyment, relaxing and basically getting some perspective back. I'll write what I can about this experience. For now, though, I'd ask that those of you who pray pray that I can get the pain under control (I really DO NOT have time for a nerve block). I definitely appreciate the prayers.

Tomorrow: Why I'm Thankful, and a review of the last year.


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Dec. 14th, 2006 07:00 am (UTC)
good for you!
hey nickie

good for you for listening to the good voice and following through on self care. your body and your mind is all you have, better take care of it. i'm doing the same thing right now, putting self care on the front burner. still feels a little weird (you should work more! says my inner german general) but fortunately the god of my understanding just grins and says, no can do, go and take care of yourself.
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