Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Just shoot me and other sitcoms

(This has been written throughout the day.)
Ugh! Why do sigh%tlings expect that a blind person cares about famous blind people? This ticks me off! My econ teacher today told he wanted me to be into roduced to Ronny Milsap. Okay, not that He doesn't have good music, but I'm not into country. I don't need to be told how good he is. Why would I care? Why do people always assume that I care about other blind people. If you're blind, and a friend of mine, be assured I like you for who you are, I 'may have met you because we're both blind, but I'm not going to like you just because you're blind. I think that would be a crappy way to make friends. This way, people know that when they're my friend, I really like them and want them to be my friend. On to other things...
My foot is killing me! At least I have my injection on Monday. I haven't been doing too well on quizes in my world lit class about Donte's inferno. I think that's because I've been letting the BrailleNote read it to me, so I'm trying to read it using the Braille display. I'm not fast enough! Oh well. I actually am in pretty good spirits... considering.
My story for creative writing is done as far as rough draft form. I hope it's good! I need to find a proof reader though. Do my mother. I probably will let her, but I want to have a few other people look at it. Tomorrow we're proof reading in class, so that should help as well. I will most likely post it to my journal when I'm done, but I'm debating posting it beforehand.
In other news, Anessa, Tara and Ashley and I are all getting together Friday night. That should be fun!
Today I'm gonna learn how to make cookies and lasagna at VLETTER. Too bad I hate lasagna. At least I'll have an idea how to make it.
Well, that's my story and I'm sticken to it!


Current mood: tired
Current music: The sound of kids talking
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