Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Progress report

After all was said and done today, I gradgitated from pt. Of course, it's not really a graduation, since I will still be doing the exercises on my own (if anyone wants to exercise with me, let me know...). But it was cool to see just how far I actually came. The social work major in me has officially looked at this experience and applied the "planned change process" to physical therapy. Today was what we'd call termination/evaluation. Evaluation happens on an ongoing basis, but today we repeated several tests from when I came in.

With strength, I went from a 4 minus to a five/five plus (five is the highest). In range of motion, I improved too, and in flexing my foot to pull my toes up toard me, I doubled the angle/degree. These are very good things to see, and they surprise me, only to the extent that I didn't expect that I'd ever get to this point, but they don't surprise me because I knew I was getting stronger and more flexible in the ankle. Not the bad "I'm-going-to-cave-on-you-any-minute" flexible, but the flexible that happens when you know you could trip and your ankle would roll enough to protect itself, but spring back to where it belongs.

To do these things when the pain is high and I'm still recovering from last Saturday is a very cool thing.

Tags: physical therapy, prayer

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