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Random huge link post

It's probably been over a month since I did a link post, so here's a random one. It's organized in reverse chronilogical order, basically, I'm just going through Del.Icio.Us links.

First, here's a few
File conversion services.
I wonder if they're accessible?

A study that doesn't surprise me at all.
Pain is easier to deal with when one feels one is in control.

A question from Chronic Pain Lifestyle:
Do you have a right to recovery?

Disability and hierarchy
From Diary of a Gold Fish

There was recently a
Political Religious Debate.
That I know a few of you will be interested in.

A call for
Understandable writing.

An article on
What to do if you're cyberstalked.

Here are
Useful disability statistics.

A primer on how to care for a nasty commenter
How to care for your Troll (sp?)

I'm so happy that money goes into studies to tell us that
Dogs feel jealousy.

More on disability and hierarchy
Deciding who's legitimate.

I'm so glad that people like Andrea are
Advocating for diversity!

Here's a great beginning to a series of posts about
Art that makes a difference.
Read forward from here, and add this blog to your reading list.

Sometimes prayer feels like
Grappling with God.

Finding a good doctor is
A matter of trust.
I'm fortunate to have trusting relationships with all of my doctors.

If you're working with open source, it takes

This post is great, especially as it relates to art.
There is music.

Many guide dog handlers worry about cab access when it comes to Islam. This is a post on
an aspect I never thought of when it comes to religion and disability.

As I sit here, nauseated badly from high pain, I try to think of
The Ant with Attitude.

It's very important that people understand
What Demestic Violence is.

This is a pretty comprehensive article on
Music and healing.

This is something I will come across in social work
Children in poverty.

Here's a whole piece on
Language and disability.

That's most of the links I have. I'll have more later I'm sure!

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