Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Today's lesson in resourcefulness: Opening a LidoDerm pack with a stylus

Who says using a slate and stylus for Braille can't pay off in more than one area of your life? Did you know your stylus can help you open packages? It's a great tool when your scissors seem to have walked off, and you need your LidoDerm, for example. Here's how to open a LidoDerm pack with a stylus:

  1. Find the corner of the LidoDerm pack, away from the patch.
  2. Carefully hold the pack so that your fingers are out of the way of where you'll be working, but so that they provide stability to the corner.
  3. Place stylus in the corner, about a quarter inch in, or just far enough to avoid the reinforced side of the package.
  4. Press down with the stylus until a hole is formed.
  5. Pull the stylus toward the side of the package, forming a slit.
  6. Use the slit as leverage to open the package.
  7. Ask a friend to help you find your scissors when it's not after quiet hours.
Tags: disability related, health, humor, notes to self, rsd sucks, strange, tool box

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