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Ah, yes, that question of self-disclosure

One concept that's come up in intro to social work is the concept of self-disclosure, and how much one should share about her/himself. I didn't go into i in class, but I immediately thought of how people with disabilities don't just face that on the job, we face it to get the job. How much do I tell people beforehand? If the interviewer knows that you're visually impaired, will they choose not to interview? I'm not naive enough to believe that it doesn't still happen. I believe it still does.

As if THAT wasn't enough to be curious about, I also have to wonder how honest I should be with people about my RSD. Lately, it's not that hard to know that I have RSD, or something, because I have a cane. But if I can manage it, I'm going to try to stop using my cane, since it makes it more challenging to direct Julio and/or carry important things like coffee etc.

But the question becomes, how much will I share? To an extent, it is an incredible opportunity to share how challenges have helped me grow, and how I feel that it would increase my empathy with clients. But on the other hand, could it be an opportunity for discrimination?

I thought today was my day off? But I'm just too inquisitive!

Tags: philosophy, rsd sucks, socialwork
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