Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

It's time to go to the carnivals!

There have been two carnivals this week that I want to draw people's attention to.

First, Susan did a great job with the
Carnival of Hope
There are a lot of great links there, and I'm grateful Susan included a piece from this blog! I'm planning to sit down with a good cup of coffee and read this one.

I think I'll need a really big cup of coffee to have it last long enough to check out all of the links in the
Disability Blog Carnival

I forgot to submit to the disability carnival. I really encourage y'all to submit to these. They are really fun, and it's so cool to learn about various issues and topics from multiple perspectives!

I doubt I'm the only one who hears this "loud silence" when I mention I have a
People assume it's all angst and such. It is really not like that. So, LJ friends, consider submitting. Carnivals are a great thing!

Tags: disability related, hope

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