Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

To do list for October 12

I really need to write these all down, so bear with me. Note that they come in no particular order.

Call mobility instructor to find the fitness center for class and personal use.
Study/cram for Social Work exam.
Find time when no one's using your shower (the one with the shower chair) and take a shower.
Start laundry.
Figure out if gloves are here somewhere.
Go online and order a new harness sign for the puppy.
Find out what prescription number goes with LidoDerm and call in refills for pills.
Find human-voice recording of Paradise Lost.
Google search to seek out an accessible Anchor Bible Dictionary (though I suspect the expression "when hell freezes over" fits here (punn not intended).)
Take Social Work handbook to disability services.
Continue reading for classes.
Remember to take PTR1 to PT in case we're going over how to use TENS unit.
Call to find out when I'm getting picked up for PT.
Decide whether I want to mooch off my driver and ask for help getting prescriptions, or attempt carying three boxes of LidoDerm on the bus.
Find friend to help learn the thermostat.
Practice relaxation exercises at least twice today.
Read at least part of Genesis chps 1-3.
Realize less than half of this will get done most likely.

Tags: notes to self

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