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I'm getting so tired! I only was able to take one Tylenol PM because I was running out. I hope mom remembers to get me some more because tonight will be worse if she doesn't. Another reason to move into the city when I can, it will be my responsibility to get my medication and I'll be able to do it. Of course, it would be really nice not to have to take medication anymore, but short of death, I don't think I'm ever going to be rid of this monster.
Today was okay. I am a total dits, so ditsy, I imagine people are about ready to shoot me, but that's okay. As Anne Sherly said "Tomorrow is a fresh day with no mistakes in x... Yet." Anyway, I accidentally locked my purse in the computer lab and had to go ask my economics teacher to get it for me. The discussion of realism and romanticism is interesting. I'll have to contemplate it more, but for now, I'm gonna try to stick to facts about my day. I can come back to the discussion later.
As far as my article goes, I'm lost as to what my teacher wants for me, so I can't go ahead with the interviews. She has been gone for the last two days.
In creative writing, my story is going well. I enjoy it. I don't know if I'll post it in my journal, because I don't think all of the medical situations are completely accurate, and I can't deal with posting those inaccuracies to my journal and having someone call me on them.
I went ! PACER today. My puppet arm is gonna be sore I'll bet tomorrow. I also went to church. I'll admit that getting out has been nice, but my foot hurts like crazy! So that's my day. Not in as much detail as I'd like, but I've been writing too much today, and my hands and puppet arm are protesting. And while I'd really love to discuss this further, I shouldn't. Maybe instead I should talk about the satisfaction I'm getting in working on stories, articles and journal entries. It's really something to be able to write so much, and in my two classes, work on something until you are proud of it. I wish I could spend an entire quarter working on one piece of writing. Creating the absolute best piece I could, with all of the revisions I could ever want to put into a piece. I could be as descriptive as I wanted. I could find out the things I needed to find out so that my pieces would be great! But since I can't do that, I w bask in the glow of sharing my work with the world, whether it be my friends in my journal, my teachers in my papers or my fellow students in The Breeze.
That's all for me now. I wish I had more time to write!
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