Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

The basics of the last few days

If I never hear about formatting an MLA citation, it will be too soon. I still don't understand how to do a works cited page correctly, apparently, and just thinking about it gives me a headache. I did, however, get everything done that I needed to get done this weekend.

I actually had a couple really good pain days, although today has gotten steadily worse. I'm excited that I was able to actually feel human this weekend, and that somehow, the swelling, color changes and all that junk seemed to calm down with the pain. Given that the pain increased a lot after I got stressed over the MLA citation stuff, I suspect that stress is playing a role in today's hightened pain levels. Do I sound like I'm writing a paper? Because I can't get out of that paper mentality. right now.

Julio is being his cute, crazy self again. He has an aversion to the smell of rubbe therapy balls, apparently. Yesterday, I went down to turn in my philosophy paper. My professor was a physical therapist, and she knows about RSD. She asked me if I had ever sat on a therapy ball. I wasn't actually sure, though I think I did as a first grader to try to avoid me doing blindisms. Anyway, I was incredibly comfortable, and I liked that I could shift positions easily in ways that didn't tick off the foot. So, she offered to let me keep it, since she has a ton of them. Julio didn't like it when I brought it up here though. (I'd left him in the room.) So, that was a no-go. She said there are some that have a vanilla-like scent, and that aren't silver (which this one was), that he might have less of an aversion to. Go figure, Julio is scared of something I was comfortable with.

And now for something completely different... Word to the wise, if you can't see and ask for meat that usually comes with gravy, sauce or juice at a restaurant, and you're at a cafeteria carrying your own tray, follow this advice. One, ask if the meat has anything on it. And, two, whatever you do, don't reject help with carrying your tray. If you follow this advice, you may avoide getting your shirt soaking wet.

I'm sorry this post is all over the place. I may be able to write something more cohesive and intelligent later. But at this point, my brain is tired, I'm tired, I have written a lot of stuff that I hope is high-quality philosophy and theology in the last 24 hours, and I really just want to read a book and do my physical therapy so I can put on my LidoDerm. If I was supposed to do anything that you're aware of, please remind me again. And I am 98% certain I don't owe anyone money, so don't try telling me that (smile!).

Tags: college, dining, disability related, guide dogs, health, humor, just plain life, philosophy, physical therapy, rsd sucks

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