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A few words and a few links

To say that today has been a challenging day with guidework would be an understatement. Julio and I are having some difficulty with the intersection we need to cross to get to Brewberry's. We veered too far into the street we were crossing. At least it was away from the paralel street, meaning we were moving away from the moving traffic. Then someone honked, and yelled "other way". I appreciate that that person was trying to help me, but being honked at scared me, and made it harder to hear the traffic.

I really hate days like this. But I have finally learned how to get through them. I was very frustrated, especially when we had problems getting from Julio's relief area to the cafeteria. I think, but can't prove, that someone was parked in front of the curb cut. Anyway, we got lost, but I stayed calm, talked happily to Julio, and figured it out. Instead of focusing on how bad those two situations could have been, I am choosing to focus on the fact that Julio and I got out of them. That is a hard distinction, because my instinct is to say some very unkind things to myself, but it works.

A friend suggested this last year, and I'm finally putting it into practice. The idea is that my first reaction was to get angry, frustrated and scared in these two situations. Instead, I praised Julio for every little thing he did right. It paid off. On the way back from the cafeteria the second time (I'd had to go back for my I.D. because I left it on my tray), the president of our college complemented us both on our work. That made me feel incredibly good. All we did was stop at a curb (perfectly, I might add), and I praised Julio to high heaven. But sometimes, those words are important. They helped make the day a lot brighter.

I haven't done many link posts this week, partially because it's been a challenging, busy one. I thought I'd point out a few links I liked. I have a few I will post later once I get a chance to evaluate them.

I've been following this guy's work, although somewhat loosely. If you've ever felt conflicted about religion and politics, I'd encourage you to read
The Cross or the sword.

With a lot of prayers, I've had to ask myself
Am I praying in God's Will or Against It?

As I sit here, trying to figure out how to write a few papers, I have to admit wanting to knowWhat's the Point of a College Education?
But I still have to say, I am glad I've chosen this route and this school.

Andrea of Beanie Baby has some very good points about
Writing vs. Blogging.
I know that most of my stuff would never be included in a book, anthology, journal or magazine in it's current form. With school, and pain, I don't have the time or energy to write and revise enough to produce things of that quality (though I wish I did). Blogging is my creative outlet. It also lets me be honest with people in ways I can't in person. And, I get good feedback, which sometimes I really need. I like sharing my story with others.

Susan gave a great lesson on
the geography of Nevada
she even answered a question I had but didn't ask! Susan also deserves congratulations for winning an award on her writing. It doesn't surprise me one bit that she did either.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to share more right now. I have to say I'm grateful for those words from our president, and these links from some great bloggers. Like I said, I will have more, I just need to do some reviewing first, and I need to get some work done.

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