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Bathroom humor

No, this won't be a post of inappropriate jokes, although I'm sure I know a few of those. I'm trying to act like a mature young woman, since this is a public blog and all.

I never thought I'd like the communal bathrooms of dorm life. It was definitely easier last year having my own bathroom and being able to take tub baths. But I'm able to handle the shower chair, and I cheat and leave my feet out of my shoes, and just put my feet on top of them, to keep them separated from the cold tile floor. It's hard, on a bad pain day to have to walk back and forth to the bathroom, but I'm getting better at it.

What I couldn't have known a month ago is how important going to the bathroom can be for increasing your social life potential. There's something about sharing a bathroom that makes it easier to say "hi" to someone. And since I can't see, people have to say hi, or risk getting bumped in places they'd prefer not be bumped. For my part, I move slowly, and listen closely most of the time. There is a lot of laughing and conversation that happens, mainly since going to the bathroom is something everyone has to do.

Sharing a bathroom also means I go out into the hall more. Last year, I had no where I needed to go, so no reason to go out in the hall. This year, on the way to the bathroom, I end up saying hi to people and laughing a lot.

I never, ever, thought I could write a blog post about going to the bathroom, other than as it refers to Julio, but there you go. Speaking of Julio, I don't take him to the bathroom, since if someone is showering, he won't go into the bathroom. I wonder if he thinks I'm going to give him a b..a...t...h?

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