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It's been since Friday I think since I've written. And we're talking Friday morning. Lots of stuff has happened.
Friday I went to see my friend Becky play at the IDS tower. She was great. I also got to look at a Poinsettia up close and personal. The IDS Crystal court has a lot of natural light, and I got my face really close to the plant. Poinsettias are bright red, and I love love love bright red! The natural light helped me to see the color much better, so I really got to see it.
Becky let mom and I tag along while she ran a few errands. That was really nice of her, and mom got a better idea of what it's like to walk with someone with a guide dog. Granted, Becky has a Seeing Eye dog, but mom still got the picture. At times, mom needed to give directions. She was really stressed, both Becky and I could tell. My mom just ticks me off! She doesn't give very good directions in my opinion which is because she stresses. Helena is good about the whole directions thing as is my dad, but mom just bugs me. Friday night I ended up taking a short nap in the middle of reading a book. Then I couldn't get to sleep. A huge part of my problem is that I don't exercise much. If I did, perhaps my body would unknot and I'd peel less sore and cramped all the time.
Saturday, mom and I went to Perkins. I had a sandwich. She had an omlett. I went home, researched more about Guide Dogs. I talked to Becky on MSN, and we made plans to meet at Block E to see Love Actually. Helena was also going to bring Rachel. We got to Block E, Becky and Phil were coming on the bus, and told us to go ahead. Mom and I bought our tickets, and headed upstairs. Randomly I asked mom "What theater are going to be in?" She looked at our tickets "Eight." I said "They only had description in 2 and 12!" We got to the desk for the receivers and asked. Turns out the movie was not described, and either the Crown Theater or Mopix got it mixed up. Neither of the described movies were appealing, so we got downstairs to warn Becky and Phil. We caught them before they bought their tickets, and we decided that Becky, Phil and I would go to the Hopscotch Grill for deserts while mom went to the movie. They urged us to get a refund, so I did. We had a great time at the Restaurant, although the table was too crowded for the poor dogs because there was a post on the floor. But we laughed about a lot of stuff, so it was all good.
Sunday, we had the youth doing the Advent Service, and I read scripture. I saw Josh (Lj name: livefreely). That was awesome! Second service went better than first, but Dee was really stressed out. We went to Applebees afterward, and it was great to talk with her again. I had a Nabs Board meeting last night, and again ended up taking minutes.
Monday, I was tired! Very tired! To those of you who said you'd be willing to be interviewed, or gave links, thank you! I'll be getting back to you soon. We had prayer last night which is always good. Other than that, not much.
Now it's Tuesday, I'm writing this right after economics. I'm so frustrated I could cry! We're doing a lot with equations which are always so frustrating. They take me a lot of mental energy to process, and I need a lot of time. I need quiet, and my economics teacher talks while we work. I get more and more frustrated, I can't concentrate, and he makes us move so fast I'm struggling to keep up. I end up copying the answers down instead of doing the problems. Then we're doing a multipart problem where you have to go back to two other problems you've done before. I've got it on my BrailleNote, and each problem has several lines so I have to scroll back with the thumb-keys sometimes 20 lines. I end up trying to memorize the problems and that's not working. I'm just so discouraged. Maybe I'll figure it out. I need to do something!
After World Lit. Will talked about nobility in the musical Man of Lamancha. It just added to my upsetness. It just made me lose faith in anything good happening. It's so depressing. No matter how hard I try to bring light into the discussion, someone would tare my idealism down. I like to think that good will prevail, but the discussion seemed so pointless. I couldn't share my hope, but even I'm starting to lose hope. Yes, I know what's going to happen in the end, but I just feel so discouraged. Maybe my business interview for Economics will lift my spirits, and maybe something good will happen today that will help, but I sometimes wonder what's the point.
After lunch, I'm a lot less melancholy. I ate some chocolate, and such. My foot hurts really really bad! Maybe some water aerobics would help. One other thing I might consider is acupuncture, people are urging me that way. If I do, I want to find a really good person to do it. I know I'd be scared. I'd also like to try yoga. It might help me relax, thus helping me respond better to my pain. The problem is that I don't remember the moves I learned a few years ago, and I can't exactly watch a video to do it. I need to do something. I really do. It's driving me crazy!
After dinner: I auditioned for speech. Yes, the following was written in about 5 minutes, and it's bad, but they liked it.
Hello, my name is Isabelle. I'm the leader of a singing group called The Three Blind Mice. You may have heard of us. There is a song about our tails. According to that legend, we didn't have the sense to stay away from humans. Our little feet took us where no mouse should go, and we paid the price with our bodies. This song was obviously written by a sighted cat. The cat was most likely named Tom, and I'll bet you ten strings of cheese that he came from our old home. If you'll allow me, I'd like to tell you what really happened to us.
As blind mice, we can't just walk around without knowing where we're going. If we did, we'd be in big trouble. Have you ever banged you nose straight into a table leg that is 100 times the size of you body? I have. So we mice devised a plan. We would follow the sound of the mistress of the house, and by staying in her path, we could avoid running into a wall. The problem was, we weren't the only ones who did this, the afore mentioned Tom got in on the act. Somehow, Mrs. Johnson took pity on us and figured out a way to save us. She decided that the problem for us was that we didn't have canes. Now I don't know about you, but I've never seen something as small as it needs to be for a mouse to use it as a cane. So Mrs. Johnson was in a bit of a pickle. But she's a smart lady, and she saw that our tails were just the right length. She cut them off and let us go. Now, we're the talk of the town, and that wretched cat has helped us get the word out. So next time you can't find the mouse that sprung your trap, just look for the tail. It was probably one our canes.

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