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Bloglines freedbacking

As most of you know know, I have been a proud and happy user of BLOGLINES, which is an online feed reader. It has been a great way for me to keep track of blogs, newspapers and anything else that offers feeds. I keep track of over 300 sites this way.

Last week, they implemented a feature called squeezer in their mobile version of the site. This is supposed to compress the pages you visit outside of the Bloglines pages so that they work on mobile phones. This is problematic for me, because I use the mobile edition since it's easier for me, personally, to navigate. Less graphics and no frames. But there's not a way to completely turn off the squeezer function. So, if you don't want that filter, you're out of luck.

Now, though, things have gotten worse. If you use the full version of the site, it is almost completely unusable. The links seem to be dependent on a mouse click, which I can't do. BLOGLINES has just excluded anyone who uses a screen reader from using their full version, and, though I can technically use the mobile version, I can't see the real URL of the page, which makes it impossible to bookmark or blog. I'd encourage anyone who uses Bloglines, sighted or blind, to write to them about this problem. Even better, blog about it. Use the words Bloglines and freedbacking in the post.
I'll try to find out why this issue is happening, so that helpful feedback can be given, but the best feedback comes in the form of assertively making the companies aware of the issues. They can't fix it if we don't say anything.

Note: Freedbacking is a term invented by Chris Pirillo to make it easier for companies to search for blogs writing about products and services.
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