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Philosophy + Percocet = interesting

Given that even attempting physical therapy made me seriously want to take a bucket with me, I decided it was past time to take something. I only had one Percocet left, which isn't bad, when you consider I made less than a month's supply last from June until now. I took it finally and went from a 9 to a 5 or 6 on the pain scale. A friend gave me a granola bar, which helped with the queesiness Percocet can bring. I can honestly say I feel like I can eat right now. But anyway...

Percocet makes philosophy interesting. I followed the arguments, and I don't think my logic was impaired any. This is what I've been thinking about. With pain at a 9, I can't think. Part of my resistance to pain medications has been the fear of not being able to follow along in class. But I know I couldn't have followed along in class with pain at a 9, so what's the difference? And, more importantly, with my pain controlled, I still thought okay. Struggling with one concept doesn't make me weak in the class. If I have to adjust medications, I think things will be alright. I know how to self-monitor better. So, the algebra II situation doesn't have to be a repeat. It will be okay.

In other news, the foot is purple with bright pink toes. Weird.

Thank you to everyone who's been so supportive this week. I hope to get back to more critical thinking and writing, and producing something other than the entries about how RSD sucks soon. It's just hard to hear past the voice of the pain, if you know what I mean. But luckily, I have prayer and friends to help me do just that.



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