Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

PT progress

Well, even though the extra visits were approved, I can't get in to physical therapy until next week. This means that I sitill work on exercises at home (or at the dorm). Today, doing the towel gab, I realized I can do it on carpet. This may be a "um okay?" thing for others, but try this some time. Sit in a chair, on a tile floor. Put a towel under your foot. Now, try to gather the towel with your toes. It's maybe a bit of a challenge, but doable. Now try this on carpet. It's much harder because of the drag the carpet puts on the towel.

I was starting to feel like I wasn't getting far, enough, simply because I'm still using the red band for exercises, and of course, the pain has been on the increase, then it went down after the nerve block, but it's on the increase again. This was a good sign for me. I'm still making progress. And maybe I'll get past red soon?

I really want to know why there aren't a lot of accessible Bible resources, other than a Bible in braille or on tape. It's hard doing theology stuff without the resources your peers have. Once I complete this worksheet to the best of my ability, I'll talk to my professors and explain the challenges. Between them, myself and disability services, we'll find a solution.

Hope everyone is having the best Monday they can.

Tags: physical therapy
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