Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

21 good things

Here's a list of what has been good this week. I figure that with all of the gloom around here, it would be good to keep or write a list of the good stuff that gets me through the challenging parts. I believe these are little gifts from God.

1. Warm socks fresh out of the dryer.
2. Good coffee made by good friends.
3. Spending time at Brewberry's.
4. Realizing that you are getting stronger with the pt exercises.
5. Getting kisses from a guide dog.
6. Walking over to Brewberry's without feeling like it was a bad choice.
7. Good songs on the radio.
8. Feeling and seeing the sun on my face.
9. Banana chocolate chip muffins.
10. Feeling a bit better health wise, even if my ears do feel weird.
11. Realizing that the philosophy paper may not be as hard as I think it is.
12. Laughing with friends.
13. Getting to listen to gospel music.
14. Finding the web site of a magician I saw perform as a kid.
15. Finding interesting books on bookshare.
16. Cuddling with Julio in his bed.
17. Chocolate chip cookies (Enough said).
18. Hearing that my dog is beautiful.
19. Having my dog make the turn for Brewberry's and even find the door.
20. Learning humorous facts I wasn't aware of before.
21. Manageable pain levels.

There are more, I just wanted to find some positive stuff to put up here. What is positive in your week?

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