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I'll get my degree in procrastination later

I finally found a few online concordences, which is good, because I can't read the print ones. I need to remember to find creative ways to hire a reader.

In my quest to bring you relevant entries with original content, I decided to take a quiz or two. Stolen from friends, of course!

Nickie needs a new heart

Nickie is going to see the Wizard about it on Thursday
'What will your Headline be?' at

And to make sure Julio doesn't feel bad or left out:

Julio discovered time travel

Julio is now selling the drug that allowed it for 1 million dollars a pill
'What will your Headline be?' at

Speaking of Julio, I hope he doesn't think snorting at me will resolve the issue of puddle-jumping in his favor...
Hugs and good night!


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