Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Thoughts on shots

Things I love about having a sympathetic block:

  • Less pain; I can think much more clearly after a block because my thoughts are not on how much pain I'm in, or what pain management mechanism I should use.

  • I sleep better after these, even though I need an ice pack for the injection site.
  • Although shots aren't fun, I can at least get feedback on how I'm doing managing my RSD (it's usually not what I want to hear, but at least I know).
  • Food tastes better after an injection because I can actually fully enjoy it. I don't need to make myself eat for a while.
  • Are we noticing a pattern here? I try not to let pain rule my life, but there is only so much I can take when it hurts.

People wonder how I can willingly go through these things. None of them have RSD. I'd love to avoid needles, but it makes a difference. While it's somewhat invasive, I prefer it to surgery any day!

Yesterday held a lot of joking, even though my doctor didn't like what he saw and I didn't like the two options he presented. It's something I'm impressed with about the pain center; they really enjoy their jobs and even when you don't like what they tell you, you know they care. I have to share one humorous conversation which really made the procedure easy to tolerate:
The doctor asked the nurse working with him to move the screen that displays the realtime x-ray so he could see it better (think about it, wouldn't you prefer that they use x-ray when they stick a needle in your back?) The nurse made a comment that the doctor was "getting old". When I'm in pain, I tend to joke. So I told the doc "I don't care if you can see perfectly, or if you need glasses, I just want to know that your vision is better than mine!"

He took that very well and we all had a good laugh. It's surprising, really, how much laughter makes the minor discomfort of the block easier to tolerate. So does local anesthetic, but we won't go there (smile).

And with that, friends, I'm out of here. One of my friends may be at the school coffee shop, and I love talking to her, so I want to see her if I can.


Don't hug too low on my back though okay?

Tags: chronic pain, rsd sucks, sleep

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