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Greetings from the evil eyed boy!

I'll get to the subject line in a minute. Today was a good day. I was hoping for a snow day, but I'm obviously not that lucky!
I have a bunch of tests tomorrow, and I'll bet they're not brailled!! I'm gonna make this quick!
I'm not gonna be able to do the YPA article because They didn't have YPA because of the snow. Guess I'll be doing the article on blogging. So I'll have to do research on other blog services even though I don't wanna tell anyone about anything accept LJ.
We're going to write stories in Creative Writing. I think i'm gonna do a Lurlene MCDaniel type story.
Here's the story about the subject line:
I was trying to work on the route I sort of know for the Guide Dog interview. The sidewalk hadn't been shoveled, so I was having some difficulty staying oriented, but not much. This boy who was probably 4th or 5th grade asked
"Do you need help?"
Me: "No thank you."
Boy: "Are you blind?"
Me: (somewhat ticked because I can't hear the traffic over his questions) "Yes."
Boy: (turning to my O&M instructor and Mom who's learning how to walk with me on a route so we can practice) "Her eyes look weird.. I don't wanna tease her, but they're all white and evil..."
Diane: (under her breath) "You're digging yourself deeper) Then out loud: "Where are you going?"
Boy: "Home over there."
Diane: "Why don't you go on then. She's working right now and needs to hear."
Just had to share. I wish I'd had a prosthesis. Then I could've popped my eyes out and really given him something to look at.
I need sleep. Foot hurts, time for medication.

Hugs to all!!


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