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Wow wow wow!

That's about all I can say is wow! How did I get blessed to have such nice, caring and cool friends??? I've been keeping my birthday quiet lately because when I turned 16, we were camping out in cardboard boxes, and I was trying not to have issues with the driving thing. Anyway, most people have no idea what I'm talking about, so here goes:
Saw on my user info page that my birthday is November 24 which is a Monday. He Got the idea to surprise me on Saturday (yesterday) and enlisted my parents to get me down there. He also got a bunch of our mutual friends (Becky, Phil, Randi, Ken and Patti). Actually, I just met Patti yesterday, but that's beside the point. He arranged for us to meet at the Olive Garden which I think is near Block E. So here's a quick summary from my prospective.
I think I mentioned that I needed boots for the campathon. If not, I did need boots because my feet would've frozen with the snow. I told mom this, and we messed around at home until late. Then Mom was finally ready, but then Dad wanted to go. He decided he wanted to go to Ridgedale. I'm like "I have to be back up here by 7 and I haven't packed, and I'm gonna need to eat." He says "Oh?" Anyway, we get to Rigedale at about 4:45. Dad decides to get a haircut. Then drag me around the mall looking for gloves and hats and going into sears. Then he kept showing me stupid stuff like Spongebob pillows. Nothing against Spongebob, but I didn't care, I was gonna be late. Then on the way back, it was snowing hard and we detoured through Minneapolis. Dad decides that we should eat while we're out, and sees an Olive Garden. It's almost 6:30 and I'm ticked. I was crying!! Mom was just like "Yeah, it's just dad, he's clueless." Dad found out where the group was and dragged me in there. I hear someone say my name. (Figured out later it was Randi.) I'm still like "What?" Because I couldn't figure out why the table was so big, where I was and get settled.
Dad says to Becky "Hi, I'm Jim Coby. Nice to meet you!" She said "Hi, I'm Becky." I about died! It was so awesome! I had so much fun!! I'm so grateful for friends like this!
The boxathon was great! I saw my friends who are back from college. Accept livefreely Hopefully I'll see him next weekend.
Thanks to everyone who made my days great!

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