Nickie Coby (puppybraille) wrote,
Nickie Coby

Too many spoons, not enough forks?

So, after crashing on the bed after my physical therapy appointment, I woke up and realized that I had to eat something. I didn't want to, mind you, but needed to so I could take my Celebrex. I should have taken it on the way back when we stopped at Dairy Queen, I guess. Anyway... So I'm looking in the fridge and find my foot from
but I notice that I don't have any forks. I know that I have one that's stuck in the pie, but washing dishes is not something I have the energy. I had two spoons, just no forks.</p>

I tell that as a humorous kind of thing that happened just for fun, but it seems to illustrate the way things have gone recently. Things I expect to help don't, and then I am left trying to find options that work. There is the aspect of maybe other solutions would be better (controlling the pain instead of biting a whole in your lip, for example). It was just so ironic I couldn't pass up writing about it. If you're wondering what's ironic, go see the link I have in my sidebar that says "Spoons? What's Nickie Referring to?".

Socialwork class was interesting. It looks like we will be doing a lot of group work, which I don't always like, but will have to get used to. We basically talked about what socialworkers do, Maslo's Pyramid of needs and political perspectives in socialwork.

Mom came and we grabbed lunch at the afore-mentioned Noodles, which sounded good to my frustrated stomach. We went to the drugstore and grabbed vaarious medical things. More heat patches, more gum so I won't bite my lip and some stuff to put on the hole in my lip. We checked my blood pressure, because that's a good indication of my pain levels. Let's just say it was.

I screwed up my times, so we were way early for my PT appointment. We went over to a Starbucks. This was good in the sense that Julio and I got more light-controlled intersection practice, but dumb in the sense that I probably shouldn't have walked that much today.

Physical therapy was good. I have a new band, in case my doctor doesn't think I need to go back, and some catalogues to see if we can find a few things to continue working on balance. She said I am doing well and have made good improvements in strength. She also taught me to do ankle circles to help unstiffen my ankle when it's sore.

I came back here and tried to do stuff. I ended up feeling cold in a room that should have been very comfortable. That seems to be my clue that my body has had enough. I just kind of passed out on the bed. In a way, this may have been the best thing I could do, because it helped get the swelling to go down. Now to work on pain levels.

Also, while the imagery is not something I recommend while eating,
this article on IEP's made my day.

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