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I promised I was going to post some links, and so I shall. Now that I finished what I needed to with regards to classwork, I'm finding ways to unwind. Here are a few posts and things I liked or found interesting.

First, a discussion on
The consequences of modern life.
I think it's like anything, there's good and not-so-good things with technology.

saw my thoughts on the Chicken Soup book
and has an important point. Are the Chicken Soup books really helping? Thank you, Denise, your kind words made a challenging day easier to deal with!

Denise also comments on some of the messed up thinngs
with hospitals and healthcare.
I've been rather vocal about this before, so I'll leave it alone for now. But my question is, if I don't even realize that I did NOT go totally blind from the anesthesia, how should I know if the ice pack is helping? Or, for that matter, what my pain is like. Am I sick because it hurts or sick because of the drugs?

Apparently, this has been around since May, but I don't think I knew about it. Google has a thing called Google Co-op, where you can do searches, and others can mark things that are good.
The one for health is here.

This is well-timed with my recent realization that people in the Bible actually disagreed with God on some issues.
It wasn't just the guys.

The way I've felt recently, this may be necessary. It looks like it's cheaper in volume. Anyone want
Cafinated soap?

Here's the run down of what we're studying in Holy Writ Rewrit (the Bible in literature.) I had to read
Genesis 12-37
for this week,
Genesis 38-50
Psalm 147
for this Monday. At least it gives me inscentive to read parts of the Bible with new eyes! I don't like that my classes make me have more questions than answers sometimes. That goes with the territory, and at least my brain has stuff to chew on.</p>

Oh, did I mention that I figured out where most of the quotes in "Tower of Babbel" from Godspel came from? Philosophy. What is this, remind Nickie of musicals she's actually seen day? If I get songs from "Two-by-two" in my head, I will scream, even if it might violate quiet hours.

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